Fable from Clearing

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colored, prism, arch, time, touching, treasure, iridescent, episode, striking, expressive, concert, collective

Graphic expression with acrylics, tinted gel and mixed technique.

Medium of resin statuette, Height of 8 cm / 3.14 ins


Symbol • Mythical

Photo Session °

Literature Extract °

Speech of one of the ephemeral insects of Hypanis, about to expire.





I entreat you to add faith to my last words,

when I assure you that the sun appearing now to us beyond the water,

and which seems not to be away from the earth,

I formerly saw it fixed in the middle of the sky,

and throw its rays directly on us.


The Earth was much brighter in the early ages,

the air much warmer,

and our ancestors more sober and virtuous.




It has, for several centuries, progressed in the sky with a tremendous heat,

and a radiance you can have no idea,

and that surely you could not tolerate ;


but now, by its decline, and a noticeable decrease in its vigor,

I foresee that all nature must end in a short time,

and this world will be buried in the darkness

in less than hundred minutes.









Oratorical Passage - 19th century

Music Shot °

Feather °

Special effects - Note : none of the photographs nor the shots are retouched or remixed.