Alizé Balm

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Aroma, Bouquet, Fan, Harmony, Grace, Scent, Flavor, Suave, Delicious, Relaxation, perfume, Mist

Graphic expression with oil paint, aqueous gel and mixed technique.

Medium of resin statuette, Height of 8 cm / 3.14 ins


Symbol • Fragrance

Photo Session °

Literature Extract °

. . .




– Helmsman, is the ship moving forward ?

– No, captain ; she does not steer anymore.

– Is there any appearance of wind offshore ?

– But, it depends, captain ;

the sea is calm like oil, and the clouds do not move.


And immediately, my captain, wearing a madras, used to rush forward naked from his hut,

to throw himself gracefully into the waves he would divide with a surprising address,

either he would pull the breaststroke on their surface,

or he would disappear to pass under the almost motionless keel of our large ship.


While the nautical recreations of our captain,

sometimes the breeze would come to freshen and slightly inflate our sails.

Then, I used to put the ship out of action,

and I would pull out of the water our delighted chief, to continue our journey,

while he used to wipe himself in his room and take his ordinary suit

to reappear ready and refreshed

on the quaterdeck.




. . .





" Sea Scene "

 from a second captain,

on a brig in the Gulf of Guinea.


19th century

Music Shot °

Feather °

Special effects - Note : none of the photographs nor the shots are retouched or remixed.